NYE Big Announcements!

See the information below for full details.

 We have special guests for 2021!

Masks are required for entry

After this year, NDK NYE will be retired.  But! More RMAA/NDK events are coming soon! See FAQ below for more information



NDK’s popular New Years Eve costume ball is back!

Put on your formal dress/cosplay and join us as we ring in the new year at the Denver Marriott South in style.

Please note that masks or appropriate PPE will be required for this event.

Purchase your tickets now while they last!


December 31, 2021 - Denver Marriott South @ Park Meadows

  • Semi Formal attire or cosplay is required to attend this costume ball.  Please see the dress code (policy link)Face masks are required to attend (policy link).
  • Ring in 2022 with our special guests Queen D & Heather Martin!
  • After 11 great events (only missing 2020), we will be concluding this event with number 12!  We started NYE welcoming in a year of the Tiger, and it’s only fitting to send it off with a bash welcoming the following year of the Tiger. Be sure to get your room and tickets for a fun farewell to our costume ball.  Be sure to read the additional details in the FAQ below on this announcement- there is more fun coming from NDK!
  • Book your hotel room for only $109/night!  This link is the only way to ensure you get the group rate! $109/night is for single or double occupancy. 3 or more people to a room will be an additional cost.
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Additional Information & FAQs

Masks Required for Entry

Due to the increasing rates of transmission, and the increasing risks of the new COVID-19 variants, the Rocky Mountain Anime Association (RMAA) Board of Directors is hereby enforcing a MASK REQUIREMENT for all of its upcoming events (NDK, NDK NYE) through 2021. This policy will be changed or cancelled as the ongoing pandemic conditions evolve and CDC/Venue/TriCounty Health/State guidance or public health orders update going forward. Written notice will be given for any future changes to this policy.

The RMAA board will continually monitor and make necessary changes to our events regarding the developing COVID conditions as necessary, even during the event itself if needed.  This action means modifications may be put in place with little notice and attendees and volunteer staff will be expected to comply.  We apologize for the difficulties this may cause, and ask for your patience and understanding as we all adjust to the constantly changing landscape.

Please bookmark this page and visit regularly for the latest information. NYE event information will be posted here at ndknye.org

What This Mask Requirement Means: RMAA is now requiring all Volunteer Staff, Guests, and Attendees, age 2 and older, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask in any indoor setting of contracted event space.  Signs will be placed within the indoor convention space further notifying eveyone of this requirement. Anyone not able to medically tolerate a face covering will be asked to wear the best face PPE suitable for their situation (i.e. face shields). If an alternate style face covering or face shield cannot accomodate your situation, we are sorry, but attending NDK and/or NDK NYE this year will not be possible. Anyone found within indoor convention space not wearing a mask or other suitable face PPE will have their badge punched/writband marked for the first violation. Upon the second violation, they will be asked to leave the contracted event space immediately.

The ADA and Face Mask Policies

CDC Guide to Masks

What This Mask Requirement Does Not Mean: By instituting this Mask policy, RMAA is taking action to improve the safety for everyone in the contracted convention space within our control.  Unless there is a venue-wide or State of Colorado Mask Policy in place, our Mask Policy cannot cover the entire Marriott South at Park Meadows. We can only control the indoor space we “own” during the event and are unable to enforce our requirements on the rest of the hotel common or outdoor space.

This means that even with our Mask Requirement in place, you may still see individuals maskless in the hotel. This environment will cause some confusion, so we want to communicate this clearly from the start. We are doing what we can for the indoor areas we control.  

We understand that this may be an uncomfortable requirement for a dance, but feel it is necessary during this pandemic. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Masks as face shields will be provided if you do not provide your own.  Masks must be worn properly at all times, with your nose and mouth covered.

Social Distancing Strongly Recomended

When dancing, we ask that you give extra space, and try to keep distance from those individuals not within your household bubble. We know feeling the beat can make this more challenging, but please do your best to  keep extra space around you.  Your mask must be up and covering your nose and mouth at all times, so you may also need to take more frequest breaks than at past dances. Please take advantage of the additional seating in the dance hall as needed.

Our Special NYE 2021 Guests & Appearances

NYE is proud to present our special guests for our final Costume Ball:

Queen D

Make way for Queen D! The self-proclaimed southern queen of crossplay! (What a mouthful!) You may recognize her from her wildly unsuccessful YouTube show the Dlist (or now TikTok!) Queen D is a sixteen-year seasoned cosplay veteran, emcee, and burlesque performer! Known for her wild antics and insane style of hosting shows, causing general chaos, and eating chicken nuggets! A known makeup artist, she has traveled all over the country blessing peasants… Uh… attendees with her shenanigans. She will be on stage at this NYE and who knows what will happen!

Heather Martin

Heather (aka. HeatherAfter Cosplay) is an artist, model and longtime cosplayer. A part of the convention scene since 1996, her passion for cosplay and all things pop culture led Heather to quickly become a Master level cosplayer. She has been honored to be a cosplay judge and/or guest at conventions throughout the country, as well as represent various businesses and charity organizations as a cosplay model and spokesmodel. Heather currently utilizes her sewing skills restoring high-end antique rugs for museums and private collectors, and works as a freelance illustrator designing logos, mascots, and other fun things in her spare time. Sony Entertainment’s video game department, Marvel, Image Comics, Amazon, and Google are just a few of the companies that she has worked with, and her cosplay and artwork have appeared in numerous publications worldwide.

Keep an eye out for Heather’s crafting panel at this NYE (Details soon!), and look for her online at the ‘HeatherAfter Cosplay’ Facebook page which features daily updates: https://www.facebook.com/HeatherCosplay/

Wait? You're Retiring this event after 2021? What does that mean?!?!?

We know this is a bit of a sudden announcement, but it’s something that’s been discussed and considered by the RMAA board for a couple years now, and now seems to be the right time (tiger to tiger) to conclude its run.

Why would we do this? To be perfectly honest, NYE is a successful and loved event.  It’s done well from its inception, and could continue with the exisiting attendee interest. However, it’s always been a HUGE ask to get the volunteer support vital to the execution of this event over a holiday, and it becomes more difficult every year to get the manpower needed. We have been blessed with a skilled and dedicated pool of amazing NYE volunteers, but we recognize the increasing difficulties for our volunteers to get the time off necessary, and can no longer keep making this ask.  

As everyone who has attended in the past can attest, the weather in DEC/JAN can be quite unpredictable, icy, and cold, impacting our ability to set up the event, and ultimately the number of people who can safely attend. After giving great consideration to these ongoing manpower and seasonal challenges, RMAA feels it best to discontinue our NYE Costume Ball.

We are immensly greatful to all of our hard working volunteers, who have given so much of their time and energy into making NYE the wonderful event it has become. Let’s give it a great sendoff and honor everyone who has contributed to NYE, including the creativity, enthusiasm, and energy of those who have attended!

This is not the end of extra NDK time outside of the convention! Retiring this event now affords us the opportunity to create new and exciting events and meetups supporting our NDK community.  More announcements and information regarding new satellite events coming soon in early 2022. Stay Tuned!

Thank you for all the years of fun, music, balloon drops, and absolutely incredible cosplay.  Please email us or contact us on social media if you have any comments or feedback regarding this announement.

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