Charity Games and Fortunes

Traditional Charity Games

At NYE, we offer a small range of traditional games to help support our charity of choice. The games are inspired by what you may find at a traditional festival, so try your hand a help contribute to a good cause!

Tarot Card readings by Kumi:  New Years fortunes are very popular in Japan, so we are proud to welcome Kumi and her cards to the NYE lineup.You may remember her from the wildly popular panel she hosted on the Tarot at NDK.

Omikuji: (written oracle/fortune) Make a wish for the new year for $1. Write a good luck fortune for yourself or a loved one and tie it to the NDK Tree of Luck. All fortunes are ceremonially burned after NYE to release the good fortune for the new year.

Kingyo-sukui: (goldfish scooping) We’ll have different scoops with varying levels of difficulty, plus American and Japanese candy prizes.

Each attempt will be $1 each (or, three tries at each game for $5). Cash is preferred, but credit card donations directly to the charity can also be arranged.

The Epic-ly Ugly Tie Tree

We have cultivated a very rare tree (artificum ugliti) whose sole purpose is to help anyone who needs a tie to meet dress code.  Simply make a donation to charity, and you can harvest a tie from this tree. You can either shoot a bow and arrow to let the fates pick your tie, or make a larger donation to pick a tie of your choice.