All games will be free to play for attendees of NDK NYE.

Board Gaming

We are bringing our top played games from NDK for everyone to enjoy. Our staff will be on hand to start up a game or a conversation, so sit down, pull up a game and have some fun!

Video Game Room

We’re bringing the Video Game Room with all of your favorite games from NDK to NDK NYE.  We’ll have Rock Band, our xBox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch libraries available for play.  Come on in, grab a controller and have fun!  Remember the golden rule is to pass that controller!


The Pachinko parlor is back! Pachinko is one of the most beloved games in Japan, though you don’t see a lot of it here in the U.S. In the most basic sense, you play to win steel balls; the more you win, the better! In Japan, these steel balls can be traded in for all sorts of prizes at local parlors.

NDK NYE Pachinko!

4 of our 9 Pachinko Machines!

After Hours Board Gaming

Starting at 12:30, the NDK Staff will be hosting the NYE Cards Against Humanity throwdown. Start your new years off with some mature humor and laughter. Please keep in mind that all participants must be 18+ to enter the room and participate in the game. Disclaimer: We are not responsible if anyone gets offended at the nature of how the game may turn out….that’s entirely up to the players!