To make sure that everyone has a fun and safe NYE celebration, we want to remind everyone that all standard NDK rules and guidelines apply to this event. That means we’ll still be enforcing our weapons policy, our anti-harassment policy, and our costumes policy. We’ll be peace-bonding all weapons, just like at the convention, so be sure to visit Ops near the Registration desk if you’re bringing any weapon props.

In addition, please note the following NYE-only policies as well:
Alcohol | Wristbands | Note for Parents


A large number of our attendees are under the drinking age and we want this to be a fun, safe environment for people of all ages. Because we’ll be permitting alcohol inside the dance hall, we ask that everyone be responsible when it comes to the handling and consumption of alcohol.

We have zero tolerance for underage drinking. If we catch a minor drinking, or anyone providing a minor with a drink, we’ll turn the matter over to the authorities. Anyone caught engaging in such activities will also be permanently banned from NDK and all future NDK events.

We’ll also be involving the authorities in any instances of drunk driving or drunk and disorderly conduct.


Instead of badges, we’ll be issuing wristbands to all attendees. Be sure to bring your valid photo ID if you want to purchase alcohol, because the hotel’s bartenders will be checking.

Parental Notes

Like NDK, NYE is more geared to people over age 13 than under. You have and maintain complete responsibility for, liability for, and control over your children’s actions. If you choose not to exercise that responsibility, it is completely your decision.

Children found alone under 13 years of age will be requested to point out their parent or guardian. If they are unable to do so, they will be taken to Ops and police may be brought in. NDK NYE is not providing a child care facility, nor does it take any responsibility for such duties. If you lose your child, please come to Ops so we can inform our security personnel and call police if they cannot be located immediately.