Greetings everyone,

There have been a few rumors going around social media and directly emailed to us (thank you for your emails!) that we appreciate the opportunity to address in regards to changes in the NDK NYE dress code.

The dress code has not changed nor become more strict since NDK NYE’s creation. We have always had the same minimum requirements throughout the years, and have added small addendum’s to address side issues as they arose.

To be perfectly clear, in October, 2018 we did two things to amend the rules: we re-organized them at the request of several attendees for more clarity, and we added “sweater dresses” to the list of non-formal examples.

Otherwise the content of the page remained the same as last year except for the one addition, and the layout changes mentioned above.

If you have additional questions, concerns or comments please use the Contact Form and we will address them as soon as possible. Responses may be delayed because we are working to get ourselves and the hotel ready for the NDK NYE but we will be reviewing emails up until the event starts tomorrow evening.

Thank you,

Chris Lange
NDK NYE Registration Team
RMAA Director


Updated December 24, 2019 to clear up what year changes were made for previous years. For NDK NYE 2019 there have been no updates to the Dress Code.